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  M e r c e d e s - B e n z   T y p e  1 7 0 S  

Envoy Chauffeured is proud to offer Canberra´s only chauffeured driven 1954 Mercedes Benz Type 170S.  The 170S was the first post-war Mercedes-Benz exported outside Germany, and although it has a distinctive 1930s appearance, it is a relatively modern vehicle. Full of character and charm, only a small number of these cars still exist today.

If you have a love for classic cars which convey a sense of style, glamour and sophistication, this is the car for you.  Finished in papyrus white, with its walnut interior and chrome fittings, this multi-award winning show vehicle offers you elegance and grace, and will be the perfect backdrop to any photograph for your special occasion.


The Type 170S is also available for hire by advertising and movie production houses, needing an authentic classic vehicle.

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